Users are required to register for an account with the Live Cell Imaging Facility. You will need to supply a valid UT Southwestern subledger number and the contact information for the administrative assistant who pays your bills. This will give you access to the online sign up calendars for the microscopes you are approved to use. Your actual time logged on for each session will be automatically recorded and we will bill you monthly for hours used.  External users may make an account and request access. Be sure to include a billing address with email contact.

Data Management

We reserve the right to delete data from our computers and servers without warning. Users are responsible for backing up their own data at the end of each session. You may bring removable hard drives if you wish. Due to recent bad experiences with malware, we no longer allow flash drives on our computers.

The user data folders of all our computers are accessible via the campus LAN and are also backed up every night to our network attached server. Off campus access to these computers requires a VPN connection. Please contact information resources to request VPN access. For non-UT Southwestern users without VPN access, exchange of data by secure FTP can be arranged.


Due to heavy use of the microscopes we require that you cancel sessions at least one hour before the scheduled start time.  If for some reason you cannot connect to the scheduler, please email Kate, Abhi or Dorothy to cancel. Failure to cancel will result in you (or your PI) being billed for the entire scheduled duration.

How to Acknowledge Us

UT Southwestern Live Cell Imaging Facility should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from use of our microscopes. The suggested language is:

The authors would like to acknowledge the assistance of the UT Southwestern Live Cell Imaging Facility, a Shared Resource of the Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center, supported in part by an NCI Cancer Center Support Grant, P30 CA142543.

Letters of Support

We are happy to furnish letters of support for grant applications. Contact