helpful stuff

Microscopy Basics
Microscopy from the very beginning

Troubleshooting Immunofluorescence

ImageJ Primer

Imaging Do's and Don'ts
The good, the bad and the ugly

What's in a picture? The temptation of image manipulation

Seeing is believing? A beginner's guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition

Avoiding Twisted Pixels: Ethical Guidelines for the Appropriate Use and Manipulation of Scientific Digital Images

Fluorescent Proteins
A guide to choosing fluorescent proteins

More info on fluorescent proteins

Table of Fluorescent Proteins

Interactive fluorescent protein properties

Interactive photoswitchable protein properties

FRET (Very important reads !!)
Fanciful FRET

FRET Standards


Colocalization of fluorophores
Colocalization of Fluorescent Probes

A guided tour into subcellular colocalization analysis in light microscopy

Quantitative Fluorescence Co-localization

Quantum Dots
Potentials and pitfalls of fluorescent quantum dots for biological imaging

Advances in fluorescence imaging with quantum dot probes

Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy: technical innovations and novel applications

Overcoming Optical Challenges to Live-Cell TIRF Microscopy

A New Wave of Cellular Imaging

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