Liver X receptor (LXR) function in vascular cells

During the development of atherosclerosis, cholesterol metabolites known as oxysterols accumulate along with cholesterol in the blood vessel wall.  Although oxysterols are reported to have actions via binding to liver X receptors (LXR) that are present in vascular cells including endothelium and vascular smooth muscle, the precise role of LXR in blood vessels is unknown. Recently, we discovered in vascular cells grown in culture that activators of LXR promote beneficial effects by crosstalk with the signaling pathways of other nuclear receptors.  The goal of the present research is to delineate the roles and mechanisms of action of LXR in vascular health and disease, with a primary focus on responses to vascular injury and the development of atherosclerosis.  This project has the potential to elucidate novel therapeutic approaches to a variety of vascular disorders.

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