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  Biomedical Communication Alumni (click a date range to jump to the correlating section)
  1947-1951 1952-1956 1957-1961 1962-1966 1967-1971 1972-1976 1977-1981 1982-1986 1987-1991 1992-1996  
  1997-2001 2002-2006 2007-2011                
  Smith, Elizabeth  
  A Patient Guide to Injecting and Administering In-Vitro Fertilization Injections (IVF)  
  Bagnall, Kristen  
  A Parent's Guide to Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery  
  Ghuzzi, Suzanne  
  Neonatal Resuscitation; Interactive Flashcards for Pediatric Helathcare Professionals  
  Gonzalez, Carlos  
  Organ of Corti, The Receptor Organ of Hearing: An Animation to Supplement the Graduate, Medical and Health Professions Neuroscience Course  
  Nelson, Roshni  
  The Cell Membrane: STARS Science Suitcase for Introductory Biology Students  
  Beach, Corbyn  
  Evolution Portable Science Suitcase to Supplement High School Education  
  Fels, Thomas  
  A Comprehensive Patient Education Video for Radiosurgery of the Central Nervous System  
  Sesto, Laura  
  Patient Education Packet for Transtibial Amputees Including an Instruction DVD and Booklet  

Werkmesiter, Joey

  Developing an Educational Resource for Increasing Long-Term Retention of Cerebellar Circuitry and Pathways for Clinical Application Using the Principles of Enduring Understanding  
  Wu, Derek  
  Lights! Carbon! Action! A Portable Science Suitcase on Photosynthesis for High School Biology Students  
  Cammilleri, Aimee  
  Development of an Interactive Program on the Jacobson's Organ and Defense/ Prey Methods of Snakes as a Model for Teaching Complex Biological Concepts to Children in Grades Four through Six  
  Chaphalkar, Maya  
  Pathologic Staging of Gynecological Cancers: An Interactive Visual Resource for Surgeons  
  Frederikson, Erin  
  Creating a Model for an Instructional Guide for Surgical Devices Delivered on a Personal Device Assistant (PDA)  
  Hulsey, Jennifer  
  Organelle Extravaganza: A Portable Science Suitcase for High School Biology Students  
  McArthur, Brenda  
  Enzyme Instigator: A Portable Suitcase Exhibit for Ninth Grade Biology  
  Oskenberg, Lindsay  
  Neroanatomy and Physiology of the Lower Urinary Tract with Clinical Applications  
  Sena, Marie  
  Creation of a Visual Resource to Aid in the Evaluation of Muscle Trigger Points in Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain  
  Brown, Katherine  
  The Creation of an Animated Teaching Tool used to Educate Medical Students about the Immune System’s Response to Trichinella Spiralis  
  Moser, Courtney  
  Defining Social Network Structure Through Text Similarity Analysis: A Model for Promoting Collaboration and Examining Conditions Impacting the Success of Collaborative Endeavors Within a Research Community  
  Pietz, Jordan  
  An Instructional Video to Teach the Anatomy, Classification, and Repair of a Fourth-degree Perineal Laceration  
  Van Exel, Kimberly  
  Animating the LDL Receptor Pathway  
  Cabrera, Jose  
  The Development of a Guide for Designing a University Spin Out Corporate Identity Package  
  Klein, Belinda  
  Development of a Web-based Patient Case Study Template for Nutrition Education  
  Matuskowitz, Anne  
  A Surgical Reference for Angle Fractures of the Mandible : A Model for the Creation of an Online Guide to Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery  
  Suehs, Jennifer  
  An Illustrative Approach to Understanding the Developmental Processes of Atrial and Ventricular Septation of the Heart During Embryogenesis and How Errors in These Processes Lead to Congenital Septal Heart Defects  
  Tilden, Constance  
  The Development of an Innovative Approach to Teaching Female Pelvic Anatomy  
  Carre, Ryan  
  Developing a Model Three-Dimensional Animation of Embryonic Heart Development  
  Conway, Ryan  
  Development of a Cross-Sectional anatomy Website with Zoom Capabilities, Correlative Clinical Information, and Two-Dimensional Imagery  
  Diehl, Angela  
  Development of a Manual for Intradepartmental Maintenance of a Laboratory Web Site  
  Howdy, Jr., Richard  
  Diagnostics for Neuro-Ophthalmologic Lesions: The Eyes are the Door to Your Brain - An Interactive Web-Delivered Training Guide  
  Hernandez, Alexandra  
  Educating Health Care Professionals in the Threat of Biological Attacks: a Digital Guide to Smallpox  
  Hilborn, Nicole  
  Design of a Patient Education Booklet Approaching Gliomas at the Cellular Level  
  Mehdibeigi, Roshanak  
  The Corticospinal and CorticobulbarTracts: an Animated Three-Dimensional Instructional Aid  
  Wable, Lisa  
  Design of a Website and Signaling Map Template Acting as a Database Interface and Providing a Visual Explanation of Cellular Signaling Networks an Their Operative Components  
  York, Merideth  
  An Instructional Guide and Model Website for the Development of a Medical Research Laboratory Website  
  Akers, Brian  
  The Spinothalamic Tract: An Animated Three-dimensional Instructional Aid  
  Litton, Rebecca  
  Development of an Informational Video Using 3D Animation to Teach the Fundamentals of the Cellular Process of Apoptosis  
  McLaughlin, Melody  
  The Design of a Database of Teacher Resources About Sexually Transmitted Diseases Available to Educators in the State of Texas  
  Wilkins, Marla  
  Development of an Instructional Module on the Basics of Web Design for Scientists Interested in Creating a Web Page  
  Weldon, Scott  
  An Interactive Neurosurgical Approach Dissection Guide: Development of a Multimedia Interactive Learning Source Template  
  Schoendienst, Susan  
  A Patient Education Guide for Facial Prostheses Retention Using Traditional and Nontraditional Methods of Attachment  
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