The Blount laboratory is located within the Physiology Department at U.T. Southwestern and encompasses the following rooms:

Shown is a portion of ND12.504. This is the main laboratory space containing 4 bays with workspace and equipment for molecular biological and biochemical approaches.


ND12.504A contains two patch-clamp stations with computers for analysis. One of these stations contains imaging equipment for cell or patch visualization.


ND12.504B contains two additional patch-clamp stations with computers for analysis. Hence, the lab has a total of 4 patch stations.


ND12.225 is dedicated to bacteriological physiology containing multiple water-jacketed and shaker-incubators and a flame photometer for flux studies.


ND12.502AA is Dr. Blountís office, with a small library outside in ND502A, which has a whiteboard and a small table for 4 for informal scientific discussions.


Finally, the physiology department has many core facilities that are available to us that you can explore by clicking here.

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