Recent Publications

Persky, M. E., K. M. Murphy, and J. D. Farrar. 2005. IL-12, but not IFN-alpha, promotes STAT4 activation and Th1 development in murine CD4+ T cells expressing a chimeric murine/human Stat2 gene. J Immunol, 174:294-301.  [PubMed, PDF]

Tyler, D. R., M. E. Persky, L. A. Matthews, S. Chan, and J. D. Farrar.  2007.  Pre-assembly of STAT4 with the human IFN-α/β receptor-2 subunit is mediated by the STAT4 N-domain.  Molec Immunol, 44:1864-72.  [PubMed, PDF]

Ramos, H. J., A. M. Davis, T. C. George, and J. D. Farrar.  2007. IFN-α is not sufficient to drive Th1 development due to lack of stable T-bet expression.  J Immunol, 179:3792-803.  [PubMed, PDF]

Davis, A. M., K. A. Hagan, L. A. Matthews, G. Bajwa, M. A. Gill, M. Gale Jr., and J. D. Farrar.  2008.  Blockade of virus infection by human CD4+ T cells via a cytokine relay network. J Immunol, 180:6923-32.  [PubMed, PDF]

Davis, A. M., H. J. Ramos, L. S. Davis, and J. D. Farrar.  2008.  Cutting Edge: A T-bet-independent role for IFN-α/β in regulating IL-2 secretion human CD4+ central memory T cells.  J Immunol, 181:8204-8208.  [PubMed, PDF]

Ramos, H. J., A. M. Davis, A. G. Cole, J. D. Schatzle, J. Forman, and J. D. Farrar.  2009.  Reciprocal responsiveness to interleukin-12 and interferon-α specifies human CD8+ effector versus central memory T cell fates. Blood, 113:5516-5525.  [PubMed, PDF]

Huber, J. P., H. J. Ramos, M. A. Gill, and J. D. Farrar.  2010.  Cutting Edge: Type I interferon reverses human Th2 commitment and stability by suppressing GATA3.  J Immunol, 185:813-817.  [PubMed, PDF]

Chowdhury, F. Z., H. J. Ramos, L. S. Davis, J. Forman, and J. D. Farrar.  2011. IL-12 selectively programs unique effector pathways that are stably expressed in human CD8+ effector memory cells in vivo. Blood, 118:3890-3900. [PubMed, PDF]

Pyle, D. M., V. S. Yang, R. S. Gruchalla, J. D. Farrar, and M. A. Gill. 2013. IgE cross-linking critically impairs human monocyte function by blocking phagocytosis. J Allergy Clin Immunol, 131:491-500. [PubMed, PDF]


Huber, J. P., and J. D. Farrar. 2011. Regulation of effector and memory T cell functions by type I interferon. Immunology, 132:466-74. [PubMed, PDF]

Chowdhury, F. Z., and J. D. Farrar. 2013.  STAT2: a shape-shifting antiviral super STAT, JAK-STAT, 2:1-8. [OpenAccess, PDF]

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