List of Available Knockout Rat Models

Rat Gene Mutations Listed by Associated Disease

Rat Gene Mutations Listed by Cellular Function

Rat models containing Sleeping Beauty gene-trap mutations were produced in collaboration with Drs. Zsuzsanna Izsvák and Zoltán Ivics:


Advancing Genetics in the Laboratory Rat
Generating Knockout Rats by Transposon Mutagenesis in Spermatogonial Stem Cells
Kitting Out the Rat


Request a knockout rat model from the Hamra Lab

Researchers At UT Southwestern Medical Center can Contact Us directly by email regarding mutant strains of interest, and then complete the required Animal Reassignment Form provided by the ARC to transfer any desired models to your IACUC approved animal colony.

If animals will need to be relocated to a different animal area within the ARC, please complete an Animal Transportation Form at the following website:

Researchers Outside UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas interested in obtaining mutant rats for collaborative research, please download and complete the Outgoing Rodents Information Form and return via email to: This form contains information required for us to expedite the shipment of rodents to other institutions, and the completion of a materials transfer agreement.

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