Publications on Sperm Stem Cell Biology and Technology

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“Reports the Formula of New and Simplified Medium for Culturing Rat Spermatogonia”

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“Functional Analysis of a Germ Cell-Specific Transcription Factor Required for Spermatogonia to Differentiate into Spermatocytes"

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Details on a Cell Culture-Based Method to Isolate Sperm Stem Cells

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“Novel Methods to Derive Proliferating Lines of Fully Functional Rat Sperm Stem Cells”

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“First Microarray Analysis on Sperm Stem Cells Initiating Spermatogenesis in Culture”

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“First Microarray Analysis on Postnatal Development of Sperm Stem Cells in the Mouse”

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“First Report on Transgenic Rats Produced using Germline Stem Cells from Culture”