About Us

Access to Clinical Trials

The Parkland HIV Clinics or the UT Southwestern HIV/AIDS Research Unit at Amelia Court can refer HIV-positive individuals to possible participation in clinical trials

Local providers, such as your private doctor, can refer patients to the UT Southwestern HIV/AIDS Research Unit at Amelia Court

1936 Amelia Court, 2nd floor
Dallas, Texas 75235-0414
Map and directions

(214) 590-0611; (214) 590-2689 Fax

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday

Requirements to be in a Clinical Trial:

  • Everyone must have a primary care provider (PCP) that they have seen within the last year
  • The PCP and the patient will be kept informed of the status of the study
  • With your permission, all laboratory results will be sent to the individual's PCP

Who Are We?

The UT Southwestern HIV and AIDS Research Unit at Amelia Court is a group of healthcare professionals working together to find better ways of treating HIV and AIDS.

The Research Unit conducts pharmaceutical industry studies, hepatitis treatment studies, and other types of studies related to living with these conditions.

Our Staff Includes:

  • Physicians and providers who are experts in the management of HIV and AIDS
  • Experienced Research Coordinators
  • Investigational Drug Service Pharmacy

Types of Studies Offered:

  • New medications to treat HIV and AIDS
  • FDA-approved medications used in new ways or in new combinations
  • Medications to prevent or treat related infections
  • Ways to help persons manage their medications related to the treatment of HIV and AIDS

Benefits of Participating:

  • Frequent monitoring of your health status and early detection of possible complications
  • Better adherence to medications
  • Early access to new medications and diagnostic testing
  • No-cost lab work and trial medications
  • Personalized, friendly, and confidential care
  • A chance to help your community and contribute to advancing treatments against HIV and AIDS
  • Make a difference in the future of HIV care

Are Clinical Trials Safe? YES!

  • Each trial is carefully reviewed by a local Institutional Review Board
  • You must give your consent before participation and all participants are advised of major risks and benefits
  • Investigational drugs may not have the clinical benefits expected
  • New drugs may have unpredicted side effects
  • All studies offer the current standard of care in addition to any study related activities
  • Participants are carefully monitored!

What are the Costs?

There are no costs for any drug provided by the study, study-related clinic visits, examinations, or laboratory tests associated with the study.


Mamta K. Jain, MD, MPH
Steven Klemow, MD
Suzanne Wada, MD
Roger Bedimo, MD
Kavita Bhavan, MD
Katia Brown, MD
Rasha M. Ghurani, MD
Ellen Kitchell, MD