The Russian Connection

Despite leaving Russia in 1990, Ilya continued to collaborate and publish together with his colleagues at the Institute of Cytology Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg. This collaboration was supported by a joined grant from USA-based CRDF foundation (2000 - 2002). Since 2007 this collaboration has been supported by the Russian federal program Scientific Personal of Innovative Russia. In May 2010 Ilya received D.Sci. degree in Cell Biology from the Russian Academy of Sciences. In September 2011 Ilya was awarded a "megagrant" by the Russian Ministry of Science to establish a Laboratory of Molecular Neurodegeneration (LMN) in St Petersburg State Polytechnical University (his Alma Mater). The LMN officially "opened for business" in St Petersburg on December 12, 2012 - please see 12-12-12 LMN Opening News Release (in Russian). In December 2013 Ilya's "megagrant" was renewed for 2 more years by the by the Russian Ministry of Science. These additional funds are used to further develop research infrastructure of LMN and to support on-going projects.

If you are interested in taking part in this effort, please e-mail Ilya at