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Publishing Accomplishments of UT Southwestern Division of Basic Science Students The 535 Ph.D.  graduates since 1989 have over 2,000 authorships among them, distributed among 1,750 different publications and appearing in 295 different journals.    These publications reflect work performed at UT Southwestern during their tenure as graduate students.    Just 16 journals account for over half of the total publications.    JBC accounts for over 15 % of the total, PNAS at 7.0% and Cell at 3%, Nature at 1.3%, and Science at 1.8%.    A graph of student publications by journal and a list of student publications by author are available. 

Agnel Sfeir is Recipient of the 2006 Nominata Award Agnel Sfeir, Ph.D.  Agnel Sfeir, who earned her Ph.D.  this year, is the 2006 recipient of the Nominata Award for excellence in research, the highest award bestowed upon a graduate student at UT Southwestern.  Dr.  Sfeir distinguished herself as an exceptional researcher in the study of telomeres, which are “caps” on the end of chromosomes that shorten with each cell division, regulating how many times a cell can divide.  She was a student of the graduate program in Integrative Biology and was guided by two mentors, Drs.  Jerry Shay and Woodring Wright, in the Dept.  of Cell Biology.  The Nominata Award included a $2,000 cash prize and the opportunity to present her dissertation research at the University Lecture on May 17.  Dr.  Sfeir is now pursuing postdoctoral training at the Rockefeller University under the tutelage of Titia Delange and intends to remain in academia. 

Daniel Motola is Recipient of Endocrine Scholars Award Dan Motola, of the Medical Scientist Training Program was mentored by Dr.  David Mangelsdorf, and recognized by the Endocrine Society as having made outstanding achievements in basic endocrine research.  Dan received an Endocrine Scholars Award at the annual meeting held in Boston in June.  In the same month Dan completed his Ph.D.  His work focused on the identification of the hormonal ligand for the C.  elegans nuclear receptor, DAF-12, which was published in the March 24, 2006 issue of the journal Cell.  In addition information on his research was described in the UT Southwestern Center Times.  Dr.  Matola returned to medical school in July.   

Mai Lin, B.A.  , M.S.  and Gang Ren, M.D.  Awarded Society of Nuclear Medicine Student Fellowships Mai LinGang RenUT Southwestern Radiological Sciences students were awarded two of the five fellowships given by the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) at their mid-winter Educational Symposium.    The awards are given based upon demonstration of "outstanding competence in molecular and nuclear imaging research.  "  Mai Lin (left), as one of the top three candidates, was also named a Bradley-Alavi Fellow.    His research was titled "Targeted PET Imaging of Lung Cancer via a Tetrameric Peptide".    Gang Ren's research title was "Targeted Radionuclide Imaging of Adenoviral Delivery (TRIAD)".    Both students are working toward their Ph.D. 

Paula Guidry Honored by Philanthropic and Educational Organization Scholarship and the Ida M.  Green Award Ms.  Guidry, a fourth-year student in UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, won a $10,000 Scholar Award from the Philanthropic and Educational Organization (PEO), which awards competitive scholarships to women attending graduate school in the United States and Canada.    Ms.  Guidry is conducting her research in the lab of Dr.  Iwona Stroynowski, who is a Professor in the Immunology and Molecular Microbiology Graduate Programs.    Additional details about Ms.  Guidry's scholarship and her research are available.  Paula is also the honored recipient of the 2006 Ida M.  Green Award, which is bestowed upon a female student who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the well-being of other students and Southwestern Graduate School.    Among Paula’s accomplishments is chairing the monthly Quest for Career seminar series, which covers both traditional and non-traditional paths.  She also founded the UT Southwestern Biotechnology Career Fair and participates in selecting students for lunch meetings with speakers for the Excellence in Immunology lecture series.    Representatives of the Cecil and Ida Green Foundation presented Ms.  Guidry with the $2,000 award at a reception in the A.W.  Harris Faculty-Alumni Center. 

Rashu Bhargava Seth Earns 2006 Young Cell Signaler Award Rashu Bhargava Seth, who is a graduate student in our Cell Regulation Program, has been named the 2006 Young Cell Signaler.  She was chosen from among five finalists and more than 86 entries in the Upstate 2006 Young Cell Signaler Award competition at the Third Annual Cell Signalling Symposium held in Scotland.  Seth's presentation was entitled "Understanding Host Antiviral Signaling Pathways.  " The award included $17,000 worth of support funding for her laboratory, a personal cash prize of $8,500 and a trophy.  Seth is mentored by Zhijian (James) Chen, Ph.D.  in the Department of Molecular Biology. 

Eileen Foy is the First to Win Both the Nominata and Ida M.  Green Awards Eileen FoyEileen Foy, a student in the Medical Scientist Training Program, is the only student to receive both the Nominata and the Ida M.  Green Awards.  The Nominata Award is for excellence in research, the highest award bestowed upon a graduate student at UT Southwestern.  Eileen was mentored by Michael Gale and distinguished herself as an exceptional researcher on mechanisms of pathogenesis of the hepatitis C virus (full story).  The Ida M.  Green Award is given annually to a female graduate student or students for their commitment to the school and community.  Eileen was an active student member of the Women in Science and Medicine Advisory Committee (WISMAC) at UT Southwestern and she participates in a number of significant volunteer activities that contribute positively to our community (full story)

Faculty in the News

Russell DeBose-Boyd, Ph.  D.  , named Distinguished Young Scholar in Medical ResearchRussell Debose-BoydDr.  Russell DeBose-Boyd, assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics at UT Southwestern and a member of the Cell Regulation program, was named a Distinguished Young Scholar in Medical Research by the Los Angeles-based W.M.  Keck Foundation.  This award was established in 1998 to support groundbreaking research addressing the fundamental mechanisms of human disease.  The award of up to $1 million over five years will support Dr.  DeBose-Boyd’s work on the enzymes that regulate and control cholesterol production, studies that may shed light on the prevention and treatment of heart disease.  Before joining UT Southwestern as an instructor in 2001, Dr.  DeBose-Boyd was a postdoctoral fellow in the molecular genetics laboratory of two of UT Southwestern’s Nobel laureates, Dr.  Michael Brown and Dr.  Joseph Goldstein.   

Xiaodong Wang, Ph.D.  is the honored recipient of the 2006 Shaw Award in Life Science and Medicine Xiadong WangThe Hong Kong-based Shaw Prizes are sometimes referred to as the "Nobel Prizes of the East,"; they honor individuals who have achieved significant breakthroughs in academic and scientific research or application, and whose work has resulted in a positive and profound impact on mankind.  The Shaw Prize carries a one million dollar award and recognizes Dr.  Wang's discovery of "the biochemical basis of programmed cell death, a vital process that balances cell birth and defends against cancer", according to the award citation .  Dr.  Xiaodong Wang, who is a member of the Department of Biochemistry, trained at UT Southwestern as a graduate student and as a postdoctoral trainee.  In 2004 he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  Dr.  Wang mentors postdoctoral trainees and graduate students as a member of our Biological Chemistry, Cell Regulation, and Integrative Biology graduate programs.  Full story

Melanie Cobb, Ph.D.  and David Russell, Ph.D.  Elected to National Academy of Sciences 287113cobb,_russell.jpgDr.  Melanie Cobb, Dean of the Graduate School and faculty member in the Biological ChemistryCell RegulationGenetics and Development and Integrative Biology programs, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences at their annual meeting in April 2006.    The other faculty member elected from UT Southwestern is Dr.  David Russell, a member of the Cell Regulation program.  Their election brings the total UT Southwestern members of the Academy to 17.    Full story

Helen Hobbs, M.D.  Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences 287002HobbsHelen.jpgHelen Hobbs, M.D.  , a faculty member in the Genetics and Development program and in the Medical Scientist Training Program, was elected to the Institute of Medicine in 2004 and more recently to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences  in April 2006.    (Full story) In 2005 she was awarded Germany's highly respected 2005 Heinrich Wieland Prize for her research on lipids.    She was also awarded the American Heart Association's Clinical Research Prize in 2005.    Dr.  Hobbs is Director of the Eugene McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development and an investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Michael Rosen, Ph.D.  Received 2006 Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award in Science by the Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas Michael RosenDr.  Michael Rosen, a faculty member in the Biological Chemistry Program and the Molecular Biophysics Program, was honored by the Academy as one of three rising research stars based upon his work in understanding the structural, biochemical, and cell biological mechanisms that regulate the actin cytoskeleton.    Full story

Jerry Shay, Ph.D.  Named Sixth-Most Cited Researcher Jerry ShayDr.  Jerry Shay , professor and vice chairman of Cell Biology, has been named the sixth-most internationally cited researcher in general biomedicine by Science Watch.    With 11,256 citations between January 1995 and August 2005, he is also the most cited clinical medicine scientist in Texas.    The rankings were established by tracking citations in Thomson Scientific Essential Science Indicators over the last decade.  Dr.  Shay holds the Southland Financial Corporation Distinguished Chair in Geriatrics. 

Elliott Ross, Ph.D.  Interviewed in Current BiologyDr.  Elliott Ross  has appointments in the Cell Regulation and Molecular Biophysics  programs.    His interview is in Current Biology, Volume 15, No.  23, 2005.   


Postdoctoral Trainees In the News

3rd Annual Postdoctoral Symposium and Poster Session Winners

    Grand Prize Winners for 2006 are
  • M.  Douglas Benson:  Ephrin-B3 as a Myelin-Based Inhibitor of Neurite Outgrowth  (Luis Parada, mentor)
  • Troy Luster:  Binding of a monoclonal antibody that targets anionic phospholipids on tumor vasculature is dependent upon interaction with plasma protein beta2-glycoprotein I  (Philip Thorpe, mentor)
  • Thomas Scheuermann:  PAS-Directed Inhibition of the Hypoxia Response Pathway (Kevin Gardner, mentor)

Cath Winstanley, Ph.D.  receives $50,000 grant to support her research on compulsive gambling Cath WinstanleyDr.  Winstanley competed internationally and was awarded $50,000 in support her research on a novel approach for investigating the neurobiological basis of gambling.    She found her funding source, The Institute for Research into Pathological Gambling and Related Disorders, by utilizing the Community of Science searchable database available through the campus library.    She plans to take a faculty position at the University of British Columbia at the end of 2006. 

Shusheng Wang, Ph.D.  Earned 2006 Outstanding Postdoctoral Applicant Award UT Southwestern postdoctoral trainee, Shusheng Wang, Ph.D.  is the recipient of the 2006 Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicant Award which is given by the Texas Affiliate of the American Heart Association.  His fellowship application entitled, ”Role of MicroRNA in Endothelial Development and Disease”, received the highest rating from the reviewers evaluating the 2006 proposals from the Texas Affiliate.  The award consists of a certificate and an extra $1000 per year for the duration of the fellowship, which may be used to attend a scientific meeting relevant to his project.  Upon announcement of the award, Dr.  Wang expressed his appreciation for the support of the American Heart Association and of his mentor, Dr.  Eric Olson in the Department of Molecular Biology

Daniel Hardy, Ph.D.  is Recipient of Endocrine Scholars Award292720Hardy_Daniel.jpgDan Hardy is one of two UT Southwestern trainees who received one of 14 Endocrine Scholar Awards granted by the Endocrine Society.  Dr.  Hardy, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr.  Carole Mendelson, has had a great interest in endocrine-related research including diabetes, neuro-endocrine disorders, and pregnancy.  This work has led to a recent publication in Molecular Endocrinology.  Another direction in his endocrine research was featured in Reuters Health Online.  Dr.  Hardy has also been awarded a three year postdoctoral fellowship award from the Susan G.  Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for his research. 

Pingxi Xu, Ph.D.  Awarded 2005 Eppendorf and Science Prize for NeurobiologyPingxi YuDr.  Xu received his award as a postdoctoral trainee working with Dean Smith, M.D.  , Ph.D.   in the Center for Basic Neuroscience.    Full story

Jeffrey Hastings Earned the 2005 Outstanding Postdoctoral Applicant Award Postdoctoral trainee, Jeffrey Hastings, MD.  , was the recipient of the 2005 Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicant Award which is given by the Texas Affiliate of the American Heart Association.     His fellowship application entitled,” Rowing Ergometry as a Novel Countermeasure to Cardiac Deconditioning due to Prolonged Bed Rest”, received the highest rating from the reviewers evaluating the 2005 proposals from the Texas Affiliate.    The award consists of a certificate and an extra $1000 per year for the duration of the fellowship, which may be used to attend a scientific meeting relevant to his project.    Dr.  Hastings trains with Dr.  Benjamin Levine in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiology

Alumni in the News

Linda Buck, Ph.D.  , UT Southwestern Graduate School Alumna, Awarded Nobel Prize UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences alumna, Linda Buck, Ph.D.  was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2004.  In the picture, Dr.  Buck celebrates after the award ceremony with her Ph.D.  mentor, Ellen Vitetta, Ph.D.  (right), who is current Professor and Director of the UT Southwestern Cancer Immunobiology Center

Jared Rutter, Ph.D.  , UT Southwestern Graduate School Alumnus, Awarded Grand Prize by Amersham Biosciences/Science Young Scientist Prize in 2002 Jared RutterDr.  Rutter has gone on to become an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.  Information about the researcher and his award-winning graduate work can be found at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) news archivestop

Campus In the News

Nature Profiles On-going Expansion at UT Southwestern

North CampusAn article in Nature, Volume 434, 28 April 2005, outlines efforts underway at UT Southwestern to expand research facilities and faculty to position itself as a top-tier academic medical center. top

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