Wireless Access using UTWPA2

UT Southwestern faculty, staff, student, or credentialed vendor should use the "UTWPA2" wireless network to connect to campus systems and the Internet. See instructions below (all links accessible from on-campus workstation or via VPN only):

See the browser configuration page for instructions to setup the proxy setting on your browsers.

Guest Wireless

  • Guests connecting to the wireless network will be asked to enter their email address and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. The system will NOT email the guest to verify the email address that was entered in the form. The email address is only used to "sign" the policy.
  • Guest wireless allows access to the public Internet with wireless devices.  “Guest” service allows access for web browsing, including web-based email systems outside of UT Southwestern, as well as SSL and IP Sec VPN for corporate or home users.
  • The UT Southwestern guest wireless is for use only by guests of UT Southwestern, including hospital patients and their guests.
  • The unsecured guest network may not be used for any UT Southwestern business or by any UT Southwestern faculty, staff, student, or credentialed vendor. To enforce this policy, all UT Southwestern owned/managed devices and any devices used for UT Southwestern business will be restricted from connecting to the guest wireless network. This includes all personally owned devices (iPad, smartphone, laptop) with access to the UTWPA2 network. If a device is a UT Southwestern owned device or the device has recently been connected to the secured UTWPA2 network, the device will be restricted from connecting to Guest wireless.

If you do not find what you need, please call 214-648-2001 and press "0" to reach the Information Desk, or view other contact methods under the Ask Us section.

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