Mendelson Lab


It is our goal to define the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms mediating the expression of genes in a tissue- and cell-specific manner, across distinct phases of embryonic gestation and fetal development. Our focus also encompasses the modulation of gene expression by hormones and second messengers, as well as the cellular and hormonal control of gestational length and the timing of parturition. Several cellular mechanisms studied by our laboratory are also being examined in relation to hormonally sensitive breast cancers.

Work is in progress in the following four core areas:

  Investigating the cellular and hormonal triggers that lead to the initiation of parturition in humans and lower mammals and a role for miRNA in this process.

  Investigating the epigenetic regulation of the gene encoding the major protein in lung surfactant, surfactant protein-A (SP-A), a developmentally regulated C-type lectin that plays a role in host defense within the lung alveolus.

  Studying the transcriptional regulation of the CYP19 gene, which encodes aromatase, the critical enzyme in estrogen biosynthesis.

  Understanding the anti-inflammatory effect of progerone and it's receptor in the pathogenesis of breast cancers.

Our Research

Our lab focuses on a diverse set of biological questions, centered in the field of reproductive cellular biology and biochemistry.