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Current Research of Dr. Joachim Herz Lab
Our group uses complex conventional and conditional gene targeting and transgenic approaches in mice to investigate the molecular basis by which LDL receptor family members control pivotal mechanisms of cellular communication during embryonic development and in the adult organism. We employ numerous strains of mice with compound mutations in multiple genes to investigate 1) the role of the ApoE receptor-2 and the VLDL receptor and their ligand Reelin in neuronal migration, (Figure 2) axonal transport, neurotransmission and neurodegeneration, and 2) the
Illustration of Formation of Cortical Layers by Neuronal Migration Along Radial Glial Guidance Fibers
Figure 2
role of the LDLreceptor-related protein (LRP) in the regulation of smooth muscle cell signaling, vascular remodeling and integrity in atherosclerosis (Figure 3).
Figure 3, Image of  atherosclerosis
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