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Past Research of Dr. Jin Ye Lab

There is growing evidence indicating that membrane proteins can be cleaved within the plane of the membrane. Such cleavage liberates cytoplasmic or lumenal/extracellular fragments of transmembrane precursor proteins and allows these fragments to function at a new location. This mechanism, termed regulated intramembrane proteolysis (Rip), influences processes as diverse as cellular differentiation, lipid metabolism, and the response to unfolded proteins.

I was among the first to propose such a signal transduction mechanism. My research was focused on the regulated intramembrane proteolysis mediated by Site-2 protease (S2P). Together with other scientists in the Brown/Goldstein lab, I identified two membrane-bound transcription factors, SREBP and ATF6, as the Rip substrates for S2P. A model explaining the cleavage mechanism of S2P was built on my finding that helix-breaking amino acids in the transmembrane domain are required for the cleavage mediated by S2P.

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