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Recent Publications of  Dr. Rob Rawson in the Molecular Genetics 
			 Department at the University of Texas Southwestern
Dr. Rob Rawson's Recent Publications
Ozdemir, C., Rawson, R.B. "Other ways to skin a cat: Activating SREBP without scap." (2010) Fly (Austin) 5: [Epub ahead of print].
Matthews, K.A., Ozdemir, C., Rawson, R.B. "Activation of sterol regulatory element binding proteins in the absence of Scap in Drosophila melanogaster." (2009) Genetics 185: 189-8.
Amarneh, B., Rawson, R.B. "Rhomboid proteases: familiar features in unfamiliar phases." (2009) Mol. Cell. 36: 922-3.
Rodriguez-Acebes, S., de la Cueva, P., Fernandez-Hernando, C., Ferruelo, A.J., Lasuncion, M.A., Rawson, R.B., Martinez-Botas, J., Gomez-Coronado, D. "Desmosterol can replace cholesterol in sustaining cell proliferation and regulating the SREBP pathway in a sterol-Delta24-reductase-deficient cell line." (2009) Biochem. J. 420: 305-15.
Amarneh, B., Matthews, K.A., Rawson, R.B. "Activation of sterol regulatory element-binding protein by the caspase Drice in Drosophila larvae. (2009) J. Biol. Chem. 284: 9674-82.
Matthews, K.A., Kunte, A.S., Tambe-Ebot, E., Rawson, R.B. "Alternative processing of sterol regulatory element binding protein during larval development in Drosophila melanogaster." (2009) Genetics 181: 119-28.
Rawson, R.B. "Intriguing parasites and intramembrane proteases." (2008) Genes Dev. 22:1561-6.
Cherry, S., Kunte, A., Wang, H., Coyne, C., Rawson, R.B., Perrimon, N. "COPI activity coupled with fatty acid biosynthesis is required for viral replication." (2006) PLoS Pathog. 2:e102.
Rawson, R.B. "An ARC light on lipid metabolism." (2006) Cell Metab. 4: 181-183.
Kunte, A. S., Matthews, K. M., and Rawson, R. B. “Fatty acid auxotrophy in Drosophila larvae lacking SREBP.” (2006) Cell Metabolism, 3: 439-448.
Xu F., Rychnovsky, S.D., Belani, J.D., Hobbs H.H., Cohen J.C., Rawson R.B. "Dual roles for cholesterol in mammalian cells." (2005) PNAS, 102: 14551-14556.
Sever, N., Lee, P. C. W., Song, B.-L., Rawson, R. B., and DeBose-Boyd, R. A. “Isolation of mutant cells lacking Insig-1 through selection with SR-12813, an agent that stimulates degradation of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase.” (2004) J Biol Chem., 279: 43136–43147.
Dobrosotskaya, I. Y. Goldstein, J. L., Brown, M. S., Rawson, R. B. "Reconstitution of sterol-regulated ER-to-golgi transport of SREBP-2 in insect cells by Co-expression of mammalian SCAP and insigs." (2003) J Biol Chem., 278: 35837-35843.
Yabe, D., Xia, Z.-P., Adams, C. M., and Rawson, R. B. "Three mutations in sterol-sensing domain of SCAP block interaction with insig and render SREBP cleavage insensitive to sterols." (2002) PNAS, 99: 16672-16677.
Dobrosotskaya, I. Y., Seegmiller, A. C., Brown, M. S., Goldstein, J. L., Rawson, R. B., “Regulation of SREBP Processing and Membrane Lipid Production by Phospholipids in Drosophila.” (2002) Science, 269: 879-883
Seegmiller, A. C., Dobrosotskaya, I., Goldstein, J. L., Ho, Y. K., Brown, M. S., and Rawson, R. B., “The SREBP Pathway in Drosophila: Regulation by Palmitate, Not Sterols” (2002) Developmental Cell, 2: 229-238
Ye, J., Rawson, R. B., Komuro, R., Chen, X., Dave, U. P., Prywes, R., Brown, M. S., and Goldstein, J. L., "ER Stress Induces Cleavage of Membrane-Bound ATF6 by the Same Proteases that Process SREBPs.” (2000) Molecular Cell, 6, 1355-1364.
Rawson, R. B., DeBose-Boyd, R., Goldstein, J. L., and Brown, M. S., "Failure to Cleave Sterol Regulatory Element-Binding Proteins (SREBPs) Causes Cholesterol Auxotrophy in CHO Cells with Genetic Absence of SREBP cleavage-activating protein" (1999) J. Biol. Chem., 274: 28549-28556.
Rawson, R. B., Cheng, D., Brown, M. S., and Goldstein, J. L., “Isolation of Cholesterol-Requiring Mutant CHO Cells with Defects in Cleavage of Sterol-Regulatory Element Binding Proteins at Site-1.” (1998) J. Biol Chem, 273: 28261-28269.
Rawson, R. B., Zelenski, N. G., Nijhawan, D., Ye, J., Sakai, J., Hasan, M. T., Chang, T. Y., Brown, M. S., and Goldstein, J. L., "Complementation Cloning of S2P, a Gene Encoding a Putative Metalloprotease Required for Intramembrane Cleavage of SREBPs.” (1997) Molecular Cell, 1: 47-57.
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