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Subunits of protein phosphatase 2A

This table is a consensus list of the subunits of mammalian protein phosphatase 2A. Entries are limited to those proteins that have been shown to interact with PP2A catalytic subunits in biochemical experiments and in intact cells. With the exception of the alpha4 protein, which interacts directly with the catalytic subunit, the regulatory subunits bind to the core dimer of PP2A composed of a complex between a catalytic and scafflod (A) subunit. In addition to the proteins listed here, many other proteins have been shown to interact with PP2A. The genes and splice variants listed here predict that PP2A could theoretically assemble into 188 distinct oligomeric forms.

Subunit Gene Symbol Aliases Chromosome Location Splice Variants
Catalytic subunits
alpha isoform PPP2CA Cα, PP2A, PP2a 5q31.1 1
beta isoform PPP2CB Cβ, PP2A, PP2b 8p12 2 (untrans)
Scaffold subunits
alpha isoform PPP2R1A Aα subunit, PR65α 19q13.33 1
beta isoform PPP2R1B Aβ subunit, PR65β 11q23.2 2
R2 regulatory subunits
alpha isoform PPP2R2A Bα, PR55α, PP2A1 8p21.1 1
beta isoform PPP2R2B Bβ, PR55β 5q31-5q32 4
gamma isoform PPP2R2C Bγ, PR55γ 4p16.1 2
delta isoform PPP2R2D Bδ, PR55δ 10q26.3 2
R3 regulatory subunits
alpha isoform PPP2R3A PR72, PR130, B'' 3q22.1 2
beta isoform PPP2R3B PR70, PR48, NY-REN-8 Xp22.33, Y11.3 2
gamma isoform PPP2R3C G5PR, G4-1 14q13.2 1
mouse alpha isoform Ppp2r3a PR59 - 1
R4 regulatory subunit
- PPP2R4 PTPA, PR53 9q34 4
R5 regulatory subunits
alpha isoform PPP2R5A B56α, PR61α, B'α 1q32.2-q32.3 1
beta isoform PPP2R5B B56β, PR61β, B'β 11q12-q13 1
gamma isoform PPP2R5C B56γ, PR61γ, B'γ 14q32 4
delta isoform PPP2R5D B56δ, PR61δ, B'δ 6p21.1 3
epsilon isoform PPP2R5E B56ε, PR61ε, B'ε 14q23.1 1
Striatin/SG2NA regulatory subunits
striatin STRN - 2p22-p21 1
SG2NA STRN3 - 14q13-q21 1
Alpha4 protein
- IGBP1 IGBP1, IBP1 Xq13.1-q13.3 1