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Animal Core Services
Generation and distribution of transgenic mice expressing kidney specific tetracycline-inducible activator and repressor (Ksp/rtTA and KsptTA).
Assistance in the generation of additional transgenic mice and knockout and knockin mice.
Training investigators to perform embryonic kidney organ cultures.
Distribution of transgenic Mice--Ksp/Cre (Please Specify Gene & Brief Research Plan in Special Instructions)**
The Ksp/Cre Mice are now available through Jackson Laboratories
Distribution of transgenic Mice---Ksp.CreERT2 (Please Specify Gene & Brief Research Plan in Special Instructions)**
Distribution of transgenic Mice---Pkhd1/Cre (Please Specify Gene & Brief Research Plan in Special Instructions)**
Performing and training investigators in the use of kidney injury/repair models including renal ischemia-reperfusion injury, ureteral obstruction, and chemical injury
Distribution of Kif3a mutant (and wildtype)cell lines
**Animal Core Special Instructions
**Shipping Coordinator(You must provide if Requesting Animals)**
Name: **Shipping Address for mice:(Please note that requesting PI must agree to pay all related shipping charges when requesting mice.
**Veterinarian(You must provide if Requesting Animals)**
Physiology Core Services
Measurement of serum Cr in mice by capillary electrophoresis.
Measurement of serum and urine chemistry and blood gas.
Microanalysis of serum and urine electrolytes.
Blood pressure measurement in mice and rats by tail-cuff method. Equipment and training provided to investigators free of charge
Clearance Studies. Core will provide metabolic cages (10 available) and advice to investigators free of charge
Microdissection of tubules for quantitation of proteins/gene expression. (By collaboration only)
Microperfusion studies of renal tubules. (By collaboration only)
Electrophysiological Studies of ion Channels by patch-clamp recordings. (By collaboration only)
Physiology Core Special Instructions
Cell Biology and Pathology Services
Histology (tissue fixation, embedding, and staining)
Consult for immunohistochemistry/lectin and enzyme histochemistry and in situ hybridization
Light and confocal microscopy and image analysis
Laser microdissection
Kidney pathology
Training in select procedures
Distribution of plasmids
Cell Biology & Pathology Special Instructions
Clinical and Translational Services
Human research protocol design, methods, and implementation and conduct
Study participant recruitment and management
Regulatory document preparation and monitoring
Biostatistical support for both human and laboratory studies
Blood and urine sample collection, preparation, storage and transportation
Data collection for phenotyping human research subjects
Database development and management
Ambulatory blood pressure
Specialized analyses of serum and urine analytes including iothalamate
Training in methods of clinical and translational research including protocol development, human research subject, and institutional review board documentation
Clinical & Translational Special Instructions
We ask that you agree to acknowledge the UT Southwestern O'Brien Kidney Core Research Center NIH P30DK079328 on any and all publications. If you agree, please check the following box before submitting this request. This will constitute your agreement of acknowledging the UT Southwestern O'Brien Kidney Core Research Center. *
* I agree to acknowledge the UT O'Brien Kidney Core Research Center on any publications and/or grant applications and also provide the information to the Center and pay for all related shipping costs if mice are being requested.
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