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Call Boxes are located through out most of the campus. These boxes are located in most of the garages and other strategic areas on campus. The boxes have a steady blue light that is illuminated to assist persons in locating the box should they need assistance from the police department. " Emergency " is printed on the boxes in large blue lettering. To operate the box, simply press the button on the base of the box. One will hear a phone ringing and the communication's officer will answer it. When the box is activated, a second blue light flashes on top of the box.

Elevator Phones on campus are programmed to automatically dial the police communications office. These phones are mounted to the inside of the elevator and can be accessed by opening a small door inside the elevator. Operating the phone is very simple, just pick up the phone and it will automatically ring the police communications office.

House Phones are located throughout campus on various building floors and areas that are generally accessible to the public. Some house phones are located next to public pay telephones. A few house phones are located outside some buildings. They are typically found inside a small telephone call box next to or near building loading dock areas. To contact the police department, dial 88311.

Parking Lot Speaker Intercom is typically located at the entrance or exits of any parking lot or garage structure. The intercom button is usually mounted next to a small speaker located near the gate's card access reader or pay slots. If assistance is needed, simply press the button. The communications office will automatically ring.

Fire Alarm Pull Stations In the event of an emergency situation, and you cannot get to a telephone or other communication device as mentioned previously, activate a fire alarm pull station. There are pull stations located in all buildings and most of the parking garages on campus. Activation of this alarm will initiate an emergency response from the University police, Safety, and Physical Plant personnel.

* It is stressed that activation of the fire alarm system should only be done in cases of emergencies and when there is no means or time to get to a telephone. Initiating a false alarm is a violation of law! Violators will be prosecuted!

Southwestern Medical Park Apartments Residents dial 911 for emergencies. Your call will notify the Dallas 911 Call Center and will also immediately dispatch UT Southwestern Police or Fire Department.

To conact the leasing office concerning maintenance problems or other non-emergency issues, dial 214-956-9300 for 24 hour assistance.

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