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Positions Available

Postdoctoral Positions Available

We have an opening for a postdoc who is interested in studying mechanisms of signal amplification, integration and timing in receptor-G protein-effector systems. We work both with purified proteins and in cells. We use traditional biochemical and cellular measurements, as well as data from novel fluorescence sensors. A new postdoc will focus on essential mechanisms of signaling and its control, but the specific project will be determined by the person's interests, talents and experience.

Strong applicants should have a background in signaling or other relevant areas of biochemistry, biophysics, computational/systems biology or molecular pharmacology. You will dig into all of these areas before you leave.

Applicants should email a CV, a brief statement describing their research interests and previous research experience, and the names and contact information for three referees to

If you are interested, feel free to call or email about specific projects or to ask questions.

Prospective Graduate Students

Because our group is oriented to questions about signaling mechanisms and information processing in cells, we use diverse experimental strategies and techniques to get our answers. The first thing I usually ask a prospective rotation student is “What kinds of work are you most comfortable with, and what do you want to learn?” You could do computational stuff, biophysics or cellular measurement, but the underlying questions are basically the same. I look for students who are interested in solving fundamental problems in biology regardless of methods, and who are willing to learn what they need to do it.

I will almost always agree to take on an interested rotation student. At this point, I could take on one more dissertation student, or perhaps more if the training grant/fellowship picture looks promising.


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