Laboratory of Elliott M. Ross

Elliott Ross Curriculim Vitae


Stockton, CA


University of California, Davis, B.Sc., Biochemistry
Cornell University, Ph.D., Biochemistry (with Gottfried Schatz)

Academic Positions:

Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 1986-present
Green Center for Systems Biology, 2005-present
Greer Garson and E.E. Fogelson Distinguished Chair in Medical Research, 1996-present
Member, Graduate Programs in Cell Regulation (1991-present); Molecular Biophysics
(1991-1993, 1995-present); Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1993-2001); Pharmacology (1981-1991); Cell and Molecular Biology (1981-1991); Computational Biology Track (2005-present)
Member, Simmons Cancer Center, 2011-present
Chairman, Graduate Program in Pharmacology, Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 1982-1989
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 1981-1986
Assistant Professor, Departments of Biochemistry and Pharmacology, University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1978-1981
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1977-1978
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacology, University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1975-1977 (with A.G. Gilman)


John P. Perkins Distinguished Professorship in Biomedical Science, UTSW, 2003-2006
ASPET Goodman and Gilman Award for Drug-Receptor Pharmacology, 1996
NIGMS MERIT Award, 1992-2002
Chairman, Gordon Research Conference on Molecular Pharmacology, 1991
Scientific Director, NATO/FEBS Adv. Study Inst. on Biological Signal Transduction, 1990
Established Investigator, American Heart Association, 1980-85
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1975-77
NSF Graduate Fellowship, 1972-75
Ezra Cornell Graduate Fellowship, 1971

Reviewing and other service:

Editorial Boards: Cell, 1992-2001
Molecular Pharmacology, 2000-2013
Neuron, 1988-1991
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1984-1989
Journal of Second Messengers and Phosphoproteins, 1980-1994
FASEB Journal, 1996-1999
American Heart Association Fellowship Review Committee, 1989-1993
H.H.M.I. Postdoctoral Fellowship Review Panel, 1992-1994; International Scholars Research Program Review Committee, 2000-2002
NIH BBM Study Section, 2012-2016
NIGMS Pharmacological Sciences Review Panel, 1988-1992
NIH Pre-NPEBC (BISTI) Study Section, 2000-2003
Micellaneous other ad hoc reviewing for NIH and other agencies
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics: Goodman and Gilman Award Selection Committee, 1993, 1999-2002; J.J. Abel Award Selection Committee, 1987; Otto Krayer Award Selection Committee, 1994.


Chairman, Pharmacology Graduate Program, University of Texas Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 1982-1989
Director and founder, UTSW Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, 1984-1995
Chairman, Committee to Develop First Year Core Graduate Curriculum, 1989-91
Co-Chair, Committee to Reorganize Core Graduate Curriculum, 2003
Core Curriculum Committee, 1994-1999
Graduate course director or major participant: Molecular Pharmacology, 1978-1981; Signal Transduction, 1981-1990; Biological Membranes, 1979-1998; Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology, 1987-89; First Year Core Curriculum, Proteins Thread Head, 1995-1999; Proteins Thread Discussion organizer, 2005-present; Mechanisms of Drug Action, 2000-2004; Modeling Biological Signaling Pathways, 2002-present
Participation in graduate courses: Advanced Pharmacology/Mechanisms of Drug Action, 1988- 1999; Biochemical Endocrinology, 1983-86; Molecular Neurobiology, 1988-90; Biophysical Chemistry, 1983-92; Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology, 1983-1992; Macromolecular Separations and Analysis, 1994-1998; Enzyme Mechanisms, 1996, 1999-present; Spectroscopy, 1999-present; Core First Year Course (Membranes, Proteins, and Cells and Organelles Threads, discussion sections, ethics discussions), 1991-present
Participation in Medical Pharmacology, 1978-81, 1983, 2002-present; Medical Biochemistry, 1978-81

Industrial Consulting:

Merck, Sharpe and Dohme Research Labs., 1985
Genentech, Inc., 1986-1987
Agouron Pharmaceuticals, 1989-1990
American Cyanamid (Agricultural Div. and Lederle Labs.), 1991
Cadus Pharmaceutical Corp., Science Advisory Board, 1992-1999
Zonagen, 1996
Pfizer, Central Research Division, 1998-2000
Metabolex, 1999
Novalon Pharmaceutical Corp., Scientific Advisory Board, 1999-2000 and Karo Bio AB, 2000-2002 (purchased Novalon, 2000)
Wyeth-Ayerst Research, 2002
Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 2003-4
Sanofi-Aventis, 2005
Hatteras Bio-Partners, 2006 2007
Magen Biosciences, Scientific Advisory Board, 2006- 2010
Ascent Therapeutics, 2007


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