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  1. Terry Combs

    Post Doc 2000-2004

    Assistant Professor of Nutrition

    UNC-Chapel Hill


  1. Puneeth Lyengar

    MD-PhD Student 1999-2003

    Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

    UT Southwestern Medical Center


  1. James Ye

    Research Technician 2008

    Medical Student
    UT Health Science Center

    College of Osteopathic Medicine

  1. Utpal Pajvani

    MD-Phd Student 1999-2003

    Columbia University

    Assistant Professor, Columbia University School of Medicine, New York


  1. Michael Rajala

    MD-PhD Student 1999-2003\

    Clinical Lecturer, Internal Medicine, University of Michigan School of Medicine


  1. David S. Jayabalan

    Research Technician

    Scherer and Mani Labs


  1. Renée Y. Lewis

    Research Technician 1997-2001

    MS in CIS Lab Systems Specialist

    Esoterix, A LabCorp Company


  1. Todd Schraw

    Post Doc 2004-2008

    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Southeastern University


  1. Kallol Das Ph.D.

    Post Doc 1997-2001
    Visiting Scientist
    Indian Institute of Chemical


  1. Anders H. Berg, M. D., Ph. D.
    Assistant Director of Clinical Chemistry
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Assistant Professor of Pathology
    Harvard Medical School


Ja-Young Kim
  1. Ja-Young Kim

    PhD Student 2003-2008

    PostDoc Laboratory of Dr. Mimo Accilli

    Berrie Diabetes Center Columbia University


  1. Michale Bouskila

    PhD Student \ Postdoc

    University of Dundee, Dundee

    Biomedical Research Centre IP Manager,

    University of Cambridge, UK


Pernille Keller
  1. Pernille Keller

    PhD Visiting Student


    Senior Scientist Novo Nordisk

Andrea Nawrocki
  1. Andrea Nawrocki

    PhD Post Doc 2003-2007

    Senior Research Scientist

    Pharmacology, Merck


Maria Truijillo
  1. Maria Truijillo

    PhD Post Doc 2004-2006

    Senior Research Scientist

    Division of Metabolic Disorders, Merck


Jeff Ye
  1. Deborah Broncho

    PhD 2005

    University of Massachusetts

    Medical School


Jeff Ye
  1. Aisha Cordero

    Research Technician

Jeff Ye
  1. Ying Lin

    Post Doc 1999-2007

    Peking Union Medical College

    NY Department of Health & Mental Hygiene


Jeff Ye
  1. Yuan Xin
    Research Technician

Jeff Ye
  1. Virginia Liu
    Research Technician
  2. UT Southwestern Medical Center


Zhao Wang
  1. Zhao Wang

    PhD Student 2003-2008
    PostDoc, Div. of Cardiology,
    Laboratory of Dr. Joseph Hill,

    UT Southwestern Medical Center


Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton

Research Technician 2008-2009

MD-PHD Program,

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston


You-Ree Cho

You-Ree Cho

PostDoc 2006-09


Tayeba Khan
  1. Tayeba Khan

    Ph.D. Student 2004-09
    Senior Scientist, Merck


Shira Landskroner-Eiger
  1. Shira Landskroner-Eiger
    Ph.D. Student 2004-2009
    PostDoc with Dr. Bill Sessa,
    Yale University
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Jae-Wan Huh
  1. Jae-Wan Huh
  2. Visiting Assistant Professor 2008
Nils Halberg
  1. Nils Halberg
  2. Ph.D. Student 2006-2009
    PostDoc with Dr. Sohail Tavazoie Rockefeller University
  3. email
Shoba Shetty
  1. Shoba Shetty
  2. PostDoc 2008-09
  3. Principal Scientist Pfizer
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  1. Kathryn Davis
  2. Post-Doctoral Fellow 2007-2011
  3. Assistant Professor Department of Plastic Surgery
  4. UT Southwestern, Dallas
  5. email
Stephen Spurgin
  1. Stephen Spurgin
  2. Medical Student
  3. UT Southwestern
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Kayson Weng
  1. Keyson Weng
    Research Technician
Simona Hefetz-Sela
  1. Simona Hefetz-Sela
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D. 2011
  3. Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
  4. emil
Ingrid Asterholm
  1. Ingrid W. Asterholm
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2012
  3. Assistant Professor
    Goteborg University, Sweden
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Yukiko Miyauchi
  1. Yukiko Miyauchi
  2. Research Technician
  3. email
William Holland

William Holland

Postdoctoral Fellow 2008-2013

Ph.D. (2007) University of Utah

Assistant Professor UT Southwestern, Dallas


Steven Connell
  1. Angelica Sifuentes
  2. Research Technician
  3. UT Southwestern, Dallas


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  1. Jiyoung Park
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D. 2008-2013
  3. Assistant Professor, School of Nano-Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
  4. em@il
  1. Noriyuki Komura Ph.D
  2. Osaka University



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