Department on Neurological Surgery with the Division of Neurocritical Care, October, 2013        photo by Dave Gresham

(Left to Right) Hunt Batjer MD, Babu Welch MD, Bryan Wohlfeld MD, Howard Morgan MD, Michael Rubin MD, Jon White MD, Bruce Mickey MD, Kim Rickert MD, Duke Samson MD, Sam Barnett MD, Venkatesh Aiyagari MD, Kevin Morrill MD, Tony Whitworth MD, Nick Kandalaft MD, Stephen Figueroa MD, Julian Yang MD, Christiana Hall MD

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New Residents for 2014!

Nick Gill
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Ben Kafka
Creighton Univ School of Medicine


H.Hunt Batjer, MD has been appointed as the new Department of Neurosurgery at UT Southwestern’s Chairman. He completed his residency at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Neurological Surgery with fellowships at the University College London, Neurology and the University of Western Ontario, Cerebrovascular Disorders.

Christopher Madden, MD has been reappointed as Professor effective Sept 2014. Join us in congratulating
Dr. Madden in this accomplishment and honor.

Dr. Batjer @2014 WS

It’s Official:
The Department of Neurosurgery at UT Southwestern was informed by the National Resident Matching Program that Nick Gill, MD and Ben Kafka, MD matched with our program and will be PGY-1 residents starting July 1, 2014. Our congratulations to these two future neurosurgeons.

Who we are:
The UT Southwestern Neurosurgery Department consists of seventeen faculty dedicated to the various neurosurgical subspecialties. Five cerebrovascular faculty contribute to an internationally recognized expertise in cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery.  Complex spine, skull base surgery, functional neurosurgery and trauma are also well developed as is our neuro-oncology center and division of neuro-critical care. The Neurosurgeons For Children at Children's Medical Center of Dallas contribute an additional five faculty to an intensive pediatric experience.

Dr Hunt Batjer was invited to speak at the Carolyn P. Horchow Women's Health Symposium.  This event is held on behalf of the Office of the President as a unique opportunity to showcase the outstanding faculty and highlight the remarkable advances that set UT Southwestern apart from other medical institutions. Pictured with Dr. Batjer are the Co-Chairs of the Woman's Health Symposium. Gloria Eulich Martindale and Ginny Eulich.
(photo by Dave Gresham)

Appreciation Party for Dr. Mike Miner - November 3, 2013

residents at miners party
miner with family

Dr. Miner (rt.) with daughter and son-in-law - thanks for many years here and at the VA

Our residents enjoying the party

-- November 5, November 21, and December 5, 2013 are the dates slated for Resident Applicant Interviews. We are expecting to interview over 50 applicants this year and make our selections early next year. Looking forward to seeing all applicants on those days.
--Resident Graduation: Two residents graduated this year, June 23, 2013: Dr. Michael Gomez and Dr. Jeremy Lewis.
--Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology Fellows, Dr. Christopher Eddleman and Dr. Awais Vance celebrated the conclusion of their fellowships on Wednesday, June 12th. Dr. Eddleman is going into private practice in Abilene, Texas and Dr. Vance has decided to become a Neurosurgery resident and starts July 1, 2013.
-- We presented a “Technology and Medicine” Visiting Professor Conference on Friday, February 22, 2013.
Our first speaker was Dr. Anand Germanwala, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He discussed endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery.
UT Southwestern and UT Dallas are embarking on a major collaborative effort involving traumatic brain injury and restorative neuroscience. The effort is being led on the engineering side by Dr. Rob Rennaker, Associate Professor at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, and Dr. Michael Kilgard, UTD Cognition and Neuroscience Program. They made presentations on various aspects of translational neuroscience as well as the use of targeted plasticity as a means of restoring neurologic function during recovery. Dr. Hunt Batjer concluded the conference with a presentation dealing with traumatic brain injury and the National Football League.

Resident Graduation, June 23, 2013:
The faculty and staff of the UT Southwestern Neurosurgery Department congratulates our graduating residents, Dr. Michael Gomez and Dr. Jeremy Lewis. Dr. Gomez will be practicing in Miami, Florida and Dr. Lewis will be doing a Skull Base Fellowship here at UT Southwestern for a year.

gomez and lewis

Michael Gomez, MD and Jeremy Lewis, MD

Residency Program:
The goal of the residency program is to provide strong clinical training and foster good judgment in the field of neurosurgery in preparation for an academic career or an exemplary private practice. Emphasis is on a practical, patient-centered approach to the field with superlative technical training.  Most residents also are involved with ongoing clinical or basic science research.  Strong leadership abilities are also sought and cultivated.

Resident Graduation Party, June 23, 2013

group pic 2013
lewis fam
samson lewis and batjer
gomez fam
samson gomez and batjer
parkland nurses
boros and salah
mary sue and beth

Fellowship Graduation Party:
A party was held at the 14th floor of the T.Boone Pickens Bldg on North Campus, Wednesday, June 12th to mark the graduation of Dr. Christopher Eddleman and Dr. Awais Vance. Congrats!

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The resident’s completed on July 26, 2013 the first of six in the 2013 - 2014 UT Southwestern Neurosurgical Laboratory Approach Courses entitled Endoscopic Approaches to the Skull Base (Barnett/Batra/J.Lewis) pictures below



UTSW Medical School

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Electronic Residency Application Service

National Residency Matching Program


Jeremy, Brett, and Joe simulate removal of a tumor using a transphenoidal approach in the lab.  July 10, 2013

Visiting Professor Meeting, Feb 22, 2013


Dr. Anand Germanwala, Feb 22, VP Meeting

hunt and rob

Dr. Rob Rennaker and Dr. Hunt Batjer, Feb 22, Visiting Professor Meeting


Dr. Michael Kilgard, Feb 22, Visiting Professor Meeting

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Special Event:
Dr. Hunt Batjer was invited to speak at the St. Paul Medical Foundation held at the Crescent Club, Feb 26, 2013 in Dallas. The title of his presentation was “Concussion in the NFL: A Perfect Storm”.


Dr John Warner introducing Dr. Hunt Batjer at the St. Paul Medical Foundation Luncheon.

batjer and clark family

Blair Walliser and Fern Clark with Dr. Hunt Batjer.

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