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           What to do if you are a Resident and wish to do a Rotation          

A one-month rotation in Medical Toxicology is offered at the University of Texas, Southwestern School of Medicine in conjunction with the Texas Poison Center Network and the Toxicology Fellowship Program. The toxicology training program welcomes the participation of residents and students.  The rotators participate in weekday, daytime activities of the toxicology service.  There is no overnight or weekend call for the rotators.  

Warning: You might become so interested in toxicology that you decide to go on to do subspecialty training!  


If you are a resident interested in rotating with us, please complete the following.

If you are a Resident

 Application / Information needed:

1.  For an application, email Deborah Jarrett at: Deborah.Jarrett@utsouthwestern.edu

2.  Need a letter from your residency program director approving your elective

3.We will need a letter from your home institution stating that you are in good academic standing.

4.We will need a letter of verification from your home institution that you have met all the requirements for immunizations and that you have had a current TB clearance within six months right up to their rotation at Parkland.  In other words if someone is to rotate starting in September then the TB clearance has to be between March 2009 through August 30, 2009.

5.  We will need a letter of verification that you have gone through a criminal background check as well as a drug screening process with no adverse actions.

6.  Copy of medical license; If you donít have a Texas Medical License, we also need a Physicians in Training Permit (PIT) http://www.tsbme.state.tx.us/

7.  Medical School Diploma

8.  A photograph (approximately 2x3) 

9.  Copy of driverís license (for security badge purposes)

10. Please return application and documentation to Deborah Jarrett


We look forward to your stay with us!


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• What to do if you are a Resident and wish to do a Rotation •

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