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           What to do if you are a Student and want to do a Rotation        

 A 4 - 6 week rotation in toxicology is available for students of medicine and pharmacy.  Located in Dallas, Texas, the rotation draws upon the active educational program for the Fellowship Program in Medical Toxicology, and the emergency and inpatient experience of Parkland Health and Hospital Systems and the Children's Medical Center. Parkland Emergency Department is the site of a residency program in Emergency Medicine with over 90,000 annual visits of a high acuity level.  This provides an opportunity to see a wide spectrum of toxicologic exposures.  The affiliated North Texas Poison Center has a volume approaching 80,000 calls per year and is located at the site of the fellowship.

If you are a Student

You must submit an application through Visiting Students Application Services (VSAS)

Application / Information needed:

1.  Application: http://Services.aamc.org/20/vsas/

2.  A letter from your advisor or dean approving your off-campus elective

3.  An original medical school transcript including explanation of grading system

4.  A photograph  (approximately 2x3)

5.  Copy of driverís license (for security badge purposes)

6.  A letter from the visiting student's home campus verifying malpractice insurance coverage. If you do not have malpractice insurance coverage, you may be able to purchase this for an additional fee.  Please call (214) 648-2168 for additional information.

7.  Documentation of the visiting student's immunizations http://www4.utsouthwestern.edu/stuaff//stuinfo/0203/Immunizations.htm

8.  Documentation of the visiting student's performance of the Essential Functions. This document can be printed from www.utsouthwestern.edu/student/stuinfo/EssFunct.htm.

9.  All items must be submitted via VSAS.


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