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Clinical Services


The toxicology faculty and fellows work together to deliver clinical care to patients in many settings.

Bedside Consultations
The toxicology service delivers bedside consultations throughout Parkland Memorial Hospital, Childrens Medical Center, and UT’s Clements Hospital. These units include emergency departments, floor beds, and critical care units. We provide these services 24/7.

Outpatient Clinics
We have two sets of clinics to see patients. At UT Southwestern Medical Center, we have two half days of clinic per month. Dr. Paul Wax is the Medical Director of this North Texas Environmental and Occupational Toxicology clinic. He oversees one of the clinic days and Dr. Kapil Sharma oversees the other half day. Patients are referred to the clinic by providers from both on and off the UT Southwestern Medical Center campus.

At Childrens Medical Center, Drs. Collin Goto and Sing-Yi Feng oversee the “Lead Plus” clinic that occurs one day per month. Most of the children are at the clinic because they have been found to have elevated lead levels. The clinic works with the state health department relative to home environmental assessments. The clinic also sees children with other issues; most commonly elevated metal levels such as mercury.

North Texas Poison Center
The fellows are the first line for support of the specialists of the poison center, when the specialists need to speak to one of the toxicology physicians.



  • North Texas Occupational and Environmental Toxicology Clinic can be arranged by calling 214-590-2537.


  • Children’s Medical Center Lead Clinic can be made by calling 214-456-6500.



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