Wilkie Lab Recent Publications

Selected Papers

G Protein and RGS Reviews:

New roles for Ga and RGS proteins: Communication continues despite driving sisters apart (2005) Wilkie TM & Kinch L 
Current Biology 15: in press SUPPLEMENTARY DATA

G protein alpha 11 (2004) Kurrasch-Orbaugh DM, Huang J & Wilkie TM 
AfCS-Nature Molecule Pages (doi:10.1038/mp.a000970.01)

GTPase-activating proteins (GAPs) for heterotrimeric G proteins: Regulators of G protein signaling (RGS proteins) and their relatives (2000) Ross EM & Wilkie TM 
Annual Review of Biochemistry 69: 795-827.

Evolution of the regulators of G protein signaling (RGS) multigene family in mouse and human (2002) Sierra DA, Gilbert DJ, Householder D, Grishin NV, Yu K, Ukidwe P, Barker S, He W, Wensel TG, Otero G, Brown G, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA & Wilkie TM 
Genomics 79: 177-185.

Evolution of the mammalian G protein alpha subunit multigene family (1992) Wilkie TM, Gilbert DJ, Olsen AS, Chen XN, Amatruda TT, Korenberg JR, Trask BJ, de Jong P, Reed RR, Simon MI, Jenkins NA & Copeland NG 
Nature Genetics 1: 85-91. 

RGS proteins and Ca2+ Signaling:

Regulators of G protein signaling provide biochemical control of agonist-evoked [Ca2+]i oscillations (2001) Luo X, Popov S, Bera AK, Wilkie TM & Muallem S 
Molecular Cell 7: 651-660

Ca2+/calmodulin reverses 3,4,5-trisphosphate-dependent inhibition of regulators of G protein-signaling GTPase-activating protein activity (2000) Popov S, Krishna UM, Falck JR & Wilkie TM
J Biol Chem 275: 18962-18968.

Gq/11 signaling in development:

Gaq and Ga11 proteins mediate endothelin-1 signaling in neural crest-derived pharyngeal arch mesenchyme (2003) Ivey K, Tyson B, Ukidwe P, McFadden D, Levi G, Olson E, Srivastava D & Wilkie TM 
Developmental Biology 255: 230-237.

Embryonic cardiomyocyte hypoplasia and craniofacial defects in Gaq/Ga11 mutant mice (1998) Offermanns S, Zhao LP, Gohla A, Sarosi I, Simon MI & Wilkie TM
EMBO J 17: 4304-4312.

Absence of pressure overload induced myocardial hypertrophy after conditional inactivation of Gaq/Ga11 in cardiomyocytes (2001) Wettschureck N, Rütten H Zywietz A, Gehring D, Wilkie TM, Chien KR & Offermanns S 
Nature Med 7: 1236-1240.